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Josh is a North Carolina native originally from the Concord, NC area. At Ritch’s Personal Training Josh not only does personal training but also nutrition programs, group fitness classes and also trains Bikini and Figure competitors.

"Why come and train with Josh?

Josh understands the determination it takes to achieve a fitness goal because of his experience and accomplishments himself. In 2002 he was named the Open Middleweight Champion for Metrolina’s NPC Bodybuilding Competition in North Carolina. While preparing for this competition he trained with professional bodybuilders and along with a vigorous exercise regimen and strict diet he was able to achieve his goal.  He also was the North Carolina and Southeastern United States Gymnastics Champion in the late 80's.  For 3 years, Josh attended to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO where he was trained by the Country's finest coaches.  Only a couple of gymnasts from NC were invited.  In 2013, Josh started Team Fit Ritch which is a Bikini/Body building team that competes through the NPC.  He has produced local champions and his wife was ranked 7th at Nationals in her last competition.  Although Josh no longer has a competitive team, he still works with girls wanting to competete.  Josh has himself been a champion body builder, gymnast and has coached a very successful bikini/figure team.  He will use all of his experience and knowledge to help anyone and everyone reach their goals.

In 2007, Josh began training in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and is currently a 2 stripe purple belt.  Josh himself trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Ritch's Gym under Justin Hale and occasionally trains at his previous gym, Forged Fitness under Billy Dowey.  Josh was also one of the best tumbling instructors in NC.  He started his career in 1980 and worked his way up to be an elite level gymnast. This part of his life included training at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado which later lead to Josh becoming the #1 Male Gymnast in the Southeastern United States. Josh understands not only gymnastics, but also the technicalities of cheerleading. In 2002 Josh opened his first gym, Elite Cheer and Tumble, in Concord, North Carolina. At this facility he was able to coach gymnasts, cheerleaders and fitness competitors into achieving their goals. This included not only tumbling skills up to the highest level, but also helping with flexibility and conditioning.  As of 2016, Josh decided to put all of his focus on his Bikini/Figure Team, weight loss clients and to stop coaching tumbling/gymnastics.  It was a tough decision but he really needed to put all of his concentration on the gym and his clients.  Thank you to all of my tumblers that allowed me to coach them in the Wendell area for 6 years.

In 2009 Josh was married to Courtney and they decided as a family to move to Wendell, North Carolina. Together they sold Elite Cheer and Tumble and have decided to open Ritch’s Personal Training/Gym. Here Josh can combine all of his personal training talents to work with every age group who wants to lose body fat, gain muscle, or just fit in their clothes better and prepare for summer beach time.

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