Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

 NO BJJ ON NOVEMBER 23rd, 24th & 25th

Youth BJJ
Monday (Gi Night), Tuesday & Wednesday (No Gi Nights)
8 yrs – 12 yrs

 Adult BJJ
13 yrs +
6:30pm-8:00pm – Monday & Wednesday (Gi Nights), Tuesday & Friday (No Gi Nights)
12:00noon-1:30pm Tuesday & Thursday (No Gi) & Wednesday (Gi)                                                                      6am-7am Thursday (trial run) No Gi

Coach Justin Hale

Black belt under Sean Spangler                                                                                    Has also trained many years under Fredson Paixao and Vinny Magalhaes          1st place Toro Cup 17.  Beat Gardber Watkins via Bow & Arrow Choke
2x gold medal grappler quest expert division
3x silver medal grappler quest expert division
3x bronze medal grappler quest expert division
1x gold medal NAGA expert division
2x silver medal NAGA expert division
4x bronze medal NAGA expert division
14 years of BJJ experience, 12 of which I have taught children and adults
Yellow belt in Judo
2 years of wrestling experience in high school
Certified Krav Maga instructor                                                                              Purple Belt

Youth Assistant Coach Nate Richardson



NOTE:  We do offer a discount if you are a gym member and a discount for immediate family.  See front desk for details.

Reminder, there is a 4% charge from the credit card company if a card is used. To save this fee, use cash or check.

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