Brazilian Jiu Jitsu



Congratulations to Coach Justin Hale on becoming a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under Sean Spangler and Robert Drysdale

Kids BJJ:
All 3 youth classes are 5:30pm-6:30pm.

Adult BJJ Payment Info:
Payment options are 1, 2 or all.  Monday & Wednesday evening classes will be gi practice while Tuesday and Friday evening classes are no gi practice.  Also included in the "all prices" will be our new Tuesday/Wednesday 12noon-1:30pm classes.

Youth BJJ Payment Info:
We will be adding Wednesday to our Youth BJJ program.  You will be able to choose 1, 2 or 3 days weekly for the youth program.  Your child will need to order boxing gloves thru us asap for Wednesday class.  We also recommend a mouth guard!

Reminder, there is a 4% charge from the credit card company if a card is used.  To save this fee, use cash or check.


Youth BJJ
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
8 yrs - 12 yrs
$50 monthly 1 day per week
$65 monthly 2 day's per week
$80 monthly 3 day's per week

Adult BJJ
13 yrs +
6:30pm-8:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
12:00noon-1:30pm Tuesday & Wednesday
$50 monthly 1 day per week
$65 monthly 2 day's per week
$95 monthly for all sessions (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and 2 noon classes)!


Ask our office manager about discounts.  We offer discounts for brother/sisters and also if mom/dad are members of Ritch's Gym!

Saturday Open Mat/Drop In 10:00am!  Drop in/Mat Fee for 13 yrs +
Members are free and Non members only $10!

Coach Justin Hale

Black belt under Robert Drysdale & Sean Spangler
Has also trained many years under Fredson Paixao and Vinny Magalhaes
2x gold medal grappler quest expert division
3x silver medal grappler quest expert division
3x bronze medal grappler quest expert division
1x gold medal NAGA expert division
2x silver medal NAGA expert division
4x bronze medal NAGA expert division
12 years of BJJ experience, 10 of which I have taught children and adults
Yellow belt in Judo
2 years of wrestling experience in high school
Certified Krav Maga instructor