Rotation Classes

(see the schedule below for monthly exercise calendar)

To achieve your ultimate fitness goal, you have to have a good training program and nutrition guidance.  Schedule a free 15 minute consultation today!  Joshua Ritch is not a licensed nutritionist but has 22 years of experience in bodybuilding himself and giving nutrition guidance to help folks lose body fat and/or gain muscle!


Rotation Training - Taught by Josh, Adriana & Barnanne (ages 13 & up)

In this 30 minute class, you will be given a set of station exercises to be done at your pace. At each class these stations will be different and can be calibrated to your level of comfort/fitness. This means you can push yourself as much as you want too. This class will include but is not limited to exercises such as kettle bell swings, pull - ups, box jumps, TRX use, use of the new circuit training stations, dead lifts, bungee sprints and much more.
Rotation Classes are designed to train specific muscle groups on specific days of the week.  As example:  Mondays may be "Tabata" while Tuesdays may be "shoulders, glutes & core".  The specific muscle group being trained are located on our calendar located under "schedule" or on the large calendar in the gym.




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