I want to start by saying; I’m a “HUGE” fan of Ritch’s PT. I’ve been working out 3 times a week with Josh for 4 months. He kills me and I love it! His personal training is really fantastic and he’s done a great job personalizing my work out program and also focusing on whole body health. We talk about nutrition and what are the best foods to maximize results. He will coordinate a weekly meal plan to help you along and gives you exercises to focus outside of the gym to keep you moving. Josh and Courtney’s group classes are the best I’ve ever seen; I would say just as good as the personal training. They keep their classes very fresh and virtually non repetitious. Josh and Courtney take their job very seriously, but you will not find a couple more personable, fun, exciting and motivating. My initial goal when I spoke to Josh was to lose 80 pounds while building muscles. In 4 months I’ve lost 44 pounds and 5 inches on my waist, went from a 54 Jacket to a 50 and 46 waist to a 42. Had my routine check up and bad cholesterol has dropped by more than 15 points. I’m having fun and for the first time in my life I’ve set a goal that I know I will meet with my great motivator Josh. Thank you very much Josh and Courtney for everything.

Carlos Cid, Additional Info