Personal Training

“I’ll meet you where you’re at physically and mentally, so we can get you where you want to be.”

– Josh Ritch

We work with all ages and body types.

Please do not feel that you are too old, skinny or fat. Whether you are in your 20’s or 70’s, are 400 lbs or skinny and want to add muscle, we will help you reach your goal at a pace that fits your age/body type.  Personal training sessions at Ritch’s Personal Training can include up to and no more than 2 persons. NOTE: If you prefer not to workout with another client and want one on one, this is an option but the fees are increased.

To achieve your ultimate fitness goal, you have to have a good training program, a nutrition program and supplement plan.  Schedule a free 15 minute consultation today where we will go over all aspects of what it takes to reach your goal.

To take your physique to a new level, Josh is now doing a 1 year nutrition guidance program where he will guide you from beginning to end on a 1 year ultimate transformation journey.  Call Josh today and receive more information on the 1 year complete transformation package which includes the following: a nutrition suggestion plan that changes as you do, a cardio plan and a weight training plan. 

NOTE:  We do offer a family discount.  See front desk for more details.

Reminder, there is a 4% charge from the credit card company if a card is used. To save this fee, use cash or check or Venmo

Are you looking to transform your health/physique? Lets talk about our 1 year complete transformation program, FREE rotation classes, personal training or a designed workout program.

NOTE:  If you prefer not to train with another client, please request a one on one.  The fees for exclusivity are a little higher.

Note: Josh is not a licensed nutritionist but has 22 years of nutrition experience through body building himself, taking Team Fit Ritch members to the level of NC State Champions as well as National Qualifiers and helping many lose over 100lbs thru proper suggestions/guidance!