Rotation Classes


FREE with Gym membership.

In this 30 minute class, you will be given a set of station exercises to be done at your pace. At each class these stations will be different and can be calibrated to your level of comfort/fitness. This means you can push yourself as much as you want too. This class will include body weight exercises, stretching, and all equipment within Ritch’s gym. 

Rotation Classes are designed to train specific muscle groups on specific days of the week. As example: Mondays may be “Tabata” while Tuesdays may be “legs and shoulders”. The specific muscle group being trained are located below (or to the right)  or on the large calendar in the gym.

Rotation Class Schedule
5:45am (Mon-Fri) 

 **Starting June 10th there will be NO 7pm Rotation Classes**

**NOTE: Beginning September 2024, there will be a small additional fee on top of your membership fee to attend the morning 5:45am rotation classes.  More information coming soon.

June 2024


Monday – Back & Triceps

Tuesday – Tabata

Wednesday – Legs & Shoulder

Thursday – Chest & Biceps

Friday – Butt & Gut


NOTE:  We do offer a family discount.  See front desk for more details.

Reminder, there is a 4% charge from the credit card company if a card is used. To save this fee, use cash or check or Venmo

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